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Joan Echols Taylor, VP, Somervell History Foudation


A tour of the three story 1860 Grist Mill and adjoining Art Museum lends a flavor to the history and essence of those pioneers who made this delightful valley their home. The stories are as colorful as the seasoned stones of the building and it history. The collection of art works of the Miers Foundation,and artist Amy Miers Jackson lends a international flavor. The gallery of Robert Summers, resident artist, whose bronze works can be seen from the east coast to the west coast of the US,is an attraction for patrons and artists. Summers captures the true movement west and his eye for details is known for its autenticity. Summers is a Texas artist whose works are coveted by collectors. Lovely antiques, period pieces and a variety of early Texas collections fill the rooms of the mill. This delightful tour is a treasurered visit for all who visit Glen Rose Texas.


Barnard's Mill was established in 1860, on the banks of the Paluxy River by Charles Barnard. The building stands three stories and is of hand hewn native stone. Massive timbers where brought from East Texas by oxen to lend support to the mill. Powered by a turbine engine, one of the first in the state, Barnard's Mill supplied the surrounding communities. As progress came to what is now Glen Rose, the mill and the addition of an adjoining wing, served as a health clinic and medical clinic and hospital for the area. When the GR Medical Center was built Barnard's Mill and the Hospital were sold and became a private home. In 2007 it was given as a gift to the Somervell History Foundation. The goal of the SHF is to continue to perserve this historical building and the grounds. Their mission is to support the history, the arts and education for all who visit this exciting piece of history.

Artifacts Collections

200 paintings, bronzes & etchings, work sof artis Amy Miears Jackson, Lester Huges, Jack Bryant, Robert Summers, Adolph Dehn,Bryon Fullerton, Morris Henry Hobbs, Frederik Taubes, Harding Black, Sherry Jo Horton, Bill Chappell, Jim Powell & Robert Wood

Educational Programs

guided tours; formal education program for college students affiliated with Tarleton State University


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