Street Address
12858 Highway 77 North
Sinton, TX 78387
Mailing Address
PO Box 1400
Sinton, TX 78387
phone: 361-364-2643
fax: 361-364-2650
Museum Type(s)
Dr. Selma Glasscock, Assistant Director
Dr. D. Lynn Drawe, Director
Dr. Terry Blankenship, Assistant Director


"It is my desire and my purpose to further the education of the people of Texas and elsewhere in wildlife conservation and in the knowledge of the breeding and living habits of our wild creatures, and in the relationship of wildlife to domestic livestock on our ranches and farms; to afford students and others interested in wildlife betterment and propagation and in the raising of wildlife along with domestic animals, a place for research and an opportunity for the study thereof; and to develop scientifically methods of increasing the wildlife populations of the state and nation for the benefit of future generations of our people who may not have the opportunity to know and appreciate our wildlife, as I have, unless methods of increasing and conserving our wildlife are scientifically developed. For these purposes I here create a foundation to be known as the Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation." ROB H. WELDER (1890 - 1953)

Artifacts Collections

2,000 bird skins; 500 mammal skins; reptile & amphibian collection; wildlife paintings, pottery, arrowheads, guns, personal accessories, etc

Research Collections

wildlife ecology & management; Birds, snakes, eggs, rodents

Educational Programs

The Foundation offers several conservation education programs to school and public groups. Emphasis is on the ecology and management of south Texas wildlife and their habitats. The diversity and abundance of wildlife and habitats in the region makes the Refuge an ideal outdoor classroom and laboratory. Knowledge gained from wildlife research projects, range management projects, and ranching activities on the Refuge gives students and other visitors rare insights into the uniqueness of south Texas. Public tours and field days, school and college programs, teacher in-service programs, conservation workshops, scientific education programs, symposia, and field days allow us to reach a wide array of individuals with our educational programs. It is the firm policy of the Foundation that all guests of the Refuge be accompanied by a staff member


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