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H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum of Texas honors all military Veterans by displaying and preserving their memorabilia, photos, medals, uniforms, weapons, etc. We represent every branch of service and all wars and conflicts. Our tour guides are Veterans. Hear first hand accounts of what war and battle are like. Hear it from the soldiers who were actually there. See military history come alive as Veterans educate future generations.


*To honor individuals who have served in our armed forces.
*To provide space for the preservation of military memorabilia, artifacts, and the history of past wars.
*To provide education and inspiration for children and adults concerning our patriotic heritage and the sacrifices made to preserve our freedoms.


A grassroots organization with humble beginnings: In 1993, a window display in the Blue Bonnet Antiques Shop, on the Square, honoring local Veterans was created by Charlotte Oleinik with the help of SGT 1st Class Charles Davis to identifying local veterans to be honored. From there to the Public Library, to veterans hauling and setting up at different schools for 7 to 10 days each to setting up a "Time Line of Wars" in 1999 at the West Hill Mall in Huntsville. Shortly after, the Mall offered a 5,000 sq. ft. space to house a museum - rent free. It was quickly adapted to meet the needs of the growing collection of memorabilia and artifacts that had been donated. Now the schools come to the Museum in bus loads.

Artifacts Collections

Uniforms from all branches of the service including women's military beginning with WWI.; Pictures of Walker County veterans and how they relate to the school children.; Pictures of landscapes of battles, and various pictures taken of and by the service men and women are exhibited.; Personal letters and diaries and postcards written by the veterans while serving in the military.; Posters of various things relating to the different conflicts that involved Americans.; Replicas of tanks, airplanes, and small models of soldiers dressed in uniform.; Swords, guns and artillery.; Some artifacts worn and used by the German armies during WWII.; Replica of a foxhold.; Put tent with cot and other items used in the field.; A section of the Museum is dedicated the Holocaust and P.O.W.s from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Kosovo.; Another section is dedicated to the Red Cross Homefront.; Tools used by the men in the field including eating supplies, medical supplies, and other equipment. ;A 1947 Willy's Jeep was donated and is used in parades and other outdoor events.; A McClellan Saddle is on display.; One of the first reversible Marine camouflage fatigues is exhibited.

Research Collections

The Museum also contains a library honoring Lt. Leonard Bishop, one of the first veterans to participate in the presentations made within the local schools. A unique feature of this library is a collection of videos made of our local veterans telling their personal stories. The library contains books dealing with the history of the United States Military; major events of the wars and other subjects of military interest.

Educational Programs

We have planned tours conducted by military veterans: the Marine section will have a Marine Veteran; the Army - an Army Veteran, and so on. In addition to the displays inside the Museum, we have static displays outside. We work with The Texas Historical Society to hold workshops in our facility. We work with Veterans Organizations to help Veterans in any way we can.



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