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Atlanta, GA
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P.O. Box 500845
Atlanta, GA 31150
phone: 770-650-5847
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Tamara Johnson, Director


The twelve rooms, twelve series exhibition journey takes you through one hundred and eight paintings, representing some of the most powerful works of art ever assembled under one roof.


* To house and exhibit our permanent collection donated by the artist * To bring to the public excellence in visual works of art and poetry through special exhibitions seeking to enrich world community through art, culture and humanity. * To provide additional services as we expand, such as educational programming, art exhibitions, research and development, poetry and publishing. Furthermore, to provide a forum for discussion on artistic, social and ethical issues. Beyond the museum, our hopes and visions are that we will offer a wide range of ongoing and special programs for children and the public: programs of poetry readings, films, music, performing arts and related events.


rom the land of the Magi and great poets an Artist was born. He was named PASARYA. Later, across the continents and oceans did he travel to the outskirts of a sleepy southern town in America. Surrounded by the mountains, Pasarya worked and remained in total seclusion for twenty two years.