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Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday10 AM - 3 PM
Saturday10 AM - 4 PM
Group Tours by Appointments, call 512-480-9371 to schedule.
Admission is Free, however, donations are appreciated.
Ernestine L. Thompson, President
phone: 512-251-6871


Continue to preserve our cultural history by partnershiping with the other community leaders as ChannelAustin, Univ. of Texas and our After-school Youths.


Our Mission is to preserve our cultual history. Our goal is to research our history with dignity and to share it on the Web Sites.

No staff, only volunteers.


Jacob Fontaine was born into slavery in 1808, in Arkansas. Rev Edward Fontaine was his slave holder. Yet, before emancipation of Texas slaves, he was a minister, organizing churches, performing marriages, and published the Gold Dollar Newspaper. Rev. Fontaine went from a slave to a free man. His unmarked grave in Oakwood Cemetery has a Texs Historical Marker. He died Dec.10, 1898. This museum acknowledges the many virtues that come out of his religious life.

Artifacts Collections

Before and after 1900 artifacts in our collections as, Bibles, farm items, historic stamps, dolls, church hats, quilts, cook ware, aprons, and pioneers.

Research Collections

Historic images as the historic Bell,stamps, music,hats,clocks and Bibles.

Educational Programs

Mostly gallery tours for group tourist. No fee for borrowing farm items, it's donated service for him.


Access: Students

Appointment required: Yes


We did do a newsletter, but not yet. We have a book, we want to redo and publish.


Our new location is a 1500 sq.ft. accessible house that allows us to share more exhibits to our community.

Wheelchair Accessible