Street Address
One Museum Boulevard
Tunica, MS 38676
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1914
Tunica, MS 38676
phone: 662-363-6631
Museum Type(s)
Richard Taylor, Program Director


The idea for the Tunica Museum was conceived by 5 local citizens who felt it important to preserve the history of the area. Since the introduction of the gaming industry in 1992 there have been dramatic changes in Tunica county. The Tunica Museum belongs to the citizens of Tunica County and serves as a "memory factory" as well as giving the many visitors a better understanding of Tunica and the surrounding Delta area. Currently, we are constructing a Nature Walkway. This walkway will consist of a mile of elevated and gravel trail through both a wooded and a wetlands area on the museum campus. When complete there will be "outdoor classrooms", picnic and resting areas as well as a Memorial area. The Tate Log House, located in downtown Tunica, is one of the oldest structures in Tunica County, built in the early 1840's. It is being furnished and will soon be open to the public.

Artifacts Collections

Hardwood Forest Exhibit reflects the area before the European settlers arrived. Native American Exhibit includes artifacts found in Tunica as well as information from the paleoarchiac to Mississippian eras. Railway Exhibit depicts a rail station. Railroads were instrumental in the development and growth of Tunica. Commissary Exhibit is representative of commissaries found on most plantations and farms. It contains artifacts from actual local commissaries. Plantation Exhibit has the only stuffed mule east of the Rocky Mountains. Blues Exhibit depicts and early "juke house". Lane's Barbershop Exhibit was the social gathering place for the gentlemen of Tunica. There are other exhibits and artifacts of interest with additions and changes frequently.


We have a newsletter that is currently published monthly.