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231 S. Fulton Street
Wharton, TX 77488
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P.O. Box 868
Wharton, TX 77488
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Art Schulze, Chairman
phone: 979-282-8810
Sharon Schulze, Executive Director
Mark Schulze, Exhibit Coordinator


The Museum was founded to exhibit items that showcase the highlights of technological developments in the 20th century. While this may seem too recent a subject for a historical museum, with the rapid pace of technological change, items from the first half of the 20th century are truly "museum pieces" at this point in time. Technology from the latter half of the century may not seem so antiquated, but items from this period help to show how the earlier items relate to current technology. Major items of significance on display include electronic media (radio, television, film, phonographs, etc.) We expect that the collection will grow to encompass more areas of technology as the Museum matures. As appropriate, the connection of the technology to the region and state will be emphasized to provide local historical context for the collection. It is a goal to become the premier museum of 20th century historical technology artifacts in the State of Texas.


We are collecting and preserving the objects of instrumentation, entertainment, communications, aviation, computational, and household technology developed in twentieth century America and using these items for educational purposes. "Historical Technology from a Century of Marvels"


Many of the items in the collection at the opening of the Museum on July 1, 2005, are from the collection the the Arthur Schulze family of Fort Bend and Wharton counties in Texas, and represents numerous aspects of technology from the 20th century. Included in the founding collection are experimental aircraft, decades of radios, computers, electronic components, medical devices, and home appliances. The Museum will grow to encompass more areas of technology and more exhibit space as it matures and other collections are contributed.

Artifacts Collections

Historically significant objects of 20th century technology on display include:
- Radios separated by decades from 1920s to present
- Early television sets dating from 1948
- Musical instruments, phonographs, jukeboxes
- Early arcade games demonstrating display progress
- Early computers
- Early household & kitchen appliances
- Telephones
- Typewriters
- Electronic components (tubes, transistors, etc.)
- Medical devices for patient monitoring and therapy
- Representative cameras from the entire century
- Experimental airplanes & aircraft (ornithopter)
- Toy robots

Research Collections

Books on the development history of technology, DVSs, VHS tapes, and CDs on various technology topics
Comprehensive library on space biomedicine
Comprehensive library on biomedical engineering

Educational Programs

School tours
Class demonstrations
Nursing home tours
Boy scout and girl scout projects
Boys & Girls Club outings
Robot design contests
Radio construction projects


501 (c) (3)


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars

Appointment required: No


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