Street Address
The Evelyn Burrow Museum of Wallace State Community College
1315 County Road 222
Cullman, AL 35057
Mailing Address
1315 County Road 222
Cullman, AL 35057
Tuesday - Friday9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday10 AM - 2 PM
Admission to the Museum is free. Group tours are welcome.
Donny Wilson, Director
phone: 256-352-8458


The Evelyn Burrow Museum is a unique collection of decorative arts from the Victorian era to modern times, from fine examples of delicately crafted porcelain to artful everyday wares.

This extraordinary collection includes more than 5,000 objects primarily of porcelain and pottery, glass, and bronze, highlights of which are displayed thematically throughout the museum. Visitors are invited to share Mrs. Burrow's appreciation for the decorative arts, her passion for collecting, and her particular love of horses in this exhibition.


Included in the museum are more than 5,000 pieces from around the world acquired over 65 years by Evelyn Burrow and her late husband, Ottis. This is one of the finest collections of its kind in the world today. Object d'art in the Museum date as far back as the 1600s. Other pieces are so rare they are priceless.