Street Address
1110 W. Main
Collinsville, OK 74021
Mailing Address
1110 W. Main
Collinsville, OK 74021
phone: 918-371-1901
The Museum is open by appointment only.
Narrated Tour Admission: $1 per Individual (Tour Maximum Is 10 People. Tour takes from 20 to 40 minutes depending on your interest and questions.
Ted W. Wright, Owner
phone: 918-371-1901


The Museum building was built in ~1911 and was the home of "The Collinsville News" until 1987. This same building at 1110 Main Street in downtown Collinsville has been home to the "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville" since May 1999.

Tour includes: Step Inside A Panoramic Photo Display of ~1915 Collinsville Downtown; See Part Of The Original Equipment Used To Print Newspapers 100 Years Ago; See How Collinsville Newspaper Production Changed Over The Years (Hand Set Type until 1915 -> Linotypes until the 1974 -> Electronic Typesetters); Photographic And Job Printing Equipment & Samples; Sample History Notebooks With Selected Articles and Photos Sorted By Topics (Schools -- Sports -- Bands -- Businesses and Buildings -- Smelters -- People), (Will Rogers -- Presidents & Governors -- Oklahoma Statehood), (Collinsville's Switch From Rogers County to Tulsa County), (Stories About Movies Shown In And Taken Of Collinsville) and many more topics ...


Celebrating more than 100 years of the City of Collinsville and it's newspapers and people.

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