Street Address
161 Butte Ave.
Randsburg, CA 93554
Mailing Address
P.O.Box 307
Randsburg, CA 93554
phone: 760-371-0965
We are open holidays except for Christmas and New Years.
Sunday, Saturday10 AM - 4 PM
We will also open by special appointment. Please call Bart Parker at 760 371 0965 to make an appointment. Call Us Today!
We look forward to seeing you. There is no charge to visit the museum or the jail which is also ran by the museum. Donations are welcome.
J. Bart Parker, President


The Rand Desert Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the cultural and architectural history of the Rand Mining District and adjacent histoic sites in the Upper Mojave Desert Region of California. Information about the communites of Randsburg, Johannesburg, Red Moutain ( Osdick ), Atolia, Garlock, Saltdale, and Cantil may be found at the museum. In addition we have information and displays about Burro Schmidts Tunnel and other mines in the area.


Established in 1942 by the old timers in town and the Lions Club. First Museum in Kern County. Turned over to Kern County Museum in late 40's. They ran it until 1985 when they turned back to a community non profit organization to run.

Artifacts Collections

Books, photos and maps from 1895 to about 1940's.


Access: Scholars

Appointment required: Yes