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Housed in the Phifer Learning Resources Center Library at Western Piedmont Community College, the goal of the Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. Library and Museum is to provide scholars and students with a wide range of resource information concerning the life of Senator Ervin, the United States Constitution, Constitutional and political history with emphasis on the Watergate era, and U.S. and North Carolina legal and general history. Included as part of the Library/Museum is an exact replica of the Senator'r Morganton home library. In addition, the Dr. Jean Conyers Ervin Mark Twain Collection is also part of the Ervin Library.


On October 17, 1990, more than 5000 people, including several former govenors and U.S. senators gathered on the campus of Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton, North Carolina, to dedicate the Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Library and Museum. Recently the Library/Museum has been expanded and further plans for growth are in the works.

Artifacts Collections

Professional and family memorabilia, original political cartoons from the Watergate era, awards, and other materials collected by Senator Ervin during his many years of public service.

Research Collections

The Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. Research Collection consists of nearly 10,000 books, pieces of correspondence, photos, and public and private documents representing the personal, professional and intellectual life of the Senator. The Dr.Jean C. Ervin Mark Twain collection consists of over 350 books and many collectibles collected over a fifty-year period by the noted Twain scholar and sister of Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. The oldest books date from the 1870's. Many first edition Twain works are included. The collectibles are comprised of figurines, plates, comics, etc. depicting famous scenes from Twain's beloved books. Many of the limited edition figurines are based on illustrations by Norman Rockwell, the famous American illustrator. The Twain collection is expected to more than double within the next few years as a result of additional, generous bequests from Dr. Ervin.

Educational Programs

We offer tours to individuals and groups, by arrangement. We are also in the process of putting together an audio-visual presentation on the Senator's life and achievements for visitors to the museum.


    Western Piedmont Foundation, a non-profit organization.


    Access: General Public, Students, Scholars

    Appointment required: No


    Wheelchair Accessible