Street Address
550 Justison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Mailing Address
550 Justison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
phone: 302-654-2340
fax: 302-654-2341
Daily9 AM - 4:30 PM
$12 general admission; childern 12 months and under are free
Museum Type(s)
Lisa Lessner, Board of Director's President
Julie Van Blarcom, Executive Director
phone: 302-654-2340
Elsje Kumpon, Earth Balloon Coordinator
phone: 302-477-0699


Kids of all ages will stretch their limits and learn new skills inside this 30-foot diameter climbing structure. Multiple entrances on the lobby level allow kids to climb to a circular platform that overlooks the lobby entrance, while the upper level is wheelchair accessible — letting kids find fun in ways that go over the heads of their parents and teachers.

Structures is where it all takes shape. Kids will learn about the various components and jobs within the building industry as they role play and imagine themselves hard at work. From drawing blue prints to exploring structural stability requirements, and from connecting with blocks and exploring materials, guests will walk away with a whole new understanding of what it takes to create buildings across the globe.

How long can you hang from a chin-up bar? How long does it take a command from your brain to get to your muscles? How does the human body work? Active and interactive exhibits let kids test and explore their own capabilities -- helping them to understand how the body works, and how they can help theirs stay healthy.

The Delaware Children's Museum will build imaginative minds through play and math-, science- and technology-based informal learning.

On Monday September 21, 2009, with the sun shining down, the Delaware Children’s Museum officially broke ground at our new home on the Riverfront in Wilmington. The biggest announcement of the day was made by President of the Board Lisa Lessner, who shared the opening date of the Museum: April 24, 2010.


The new Delaware Children’s Museum is the result of a shared vision by many throughout the Delaware community. What began in a simple storefront years ago by a small group of dedicated parents has grown into a multi-million dollar project on the Christina River. It could not be built without the tireless efforts of our dedicated Board of Directors, generous founding partners and energetic staff.

Educational Programs

Fun in Store, the Delaware Children’s Museum store, will feature toys and products that engage the creativity of kids and parents alike and reflect our focus on playful learning.

  • The Earth Balloon can fit up to 30 participants at a time. The program starts with a world tour around the outside of the balloon and discussion of various features such as continents, oceans, geographic regions and conservation.