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Marshall H. Ensor, the only son of Mr. & Mrs Jacob Ensor was a mechanical prodigy who from an early age mastered skills in crafting all sorts of utilitarian items of wood, metal, cement and electronics. Became High School instructor in Manual Arts from age 17 to 65. Was gifted historic status by receiving the 1940 Wm. S. Paley Award for important national achievement in Amateur Radio. That same year earned Master of Science degree. Designed and patented an Electric Drill machine, later sold to Black & Decker. In second World War became in charge of Seattle Naval Air Station Radio Operations. Also worked with others to pergect Radio Direction Finding apperatus used to find and sink the German submarine "Wolf Pack". Upon retirement from teaching work skills to thousands, he and sister Loretta, set the family farm up to become a Museum for Children and adults to see how they lived their lives.


From 1898, the home,and dairy farm of 2 generations of the Ensor family. Hard working and generally prosperous. Primary interest is the fairly complete and originality of the farm and family archives. Most notably, besides dairy farm buildings and tools, is radio equipment used by Marshall and Loretta (sister) Ensor used to instruct thousands of listeners in 1930s on how to acquire Federal Radio Licenses which our government lauded.