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Corner N Center & N Broadway- Courthouse Square
Brownwood, TX 76801
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PO Box 447
Brownwood, TX 76804
phone: 325-646-3717
fax: 325-646-4623
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About the Museum

Mission Statement: The museum's mission is providing firearms education, including: the safe handling of firearms, their history, the impact firearms have had in the development of Texas and the United States (including their impact on the indigenous peoples of this country), the responsibilities as well as beneficial aspects of firearms ownership, and their use for sporting and other purposes.

Institutional Essay: The Museum's educational efforts include the collection itself and related lectures, displays, demonstrations, seminars, hands-on learning exhibits, oral history events, research areas, and publications.

We serve three types of visitors: the general public, firearms enthusiasts, and serious collectors and researchers. For example, we display the collection so visitors view the firearms in their historical context, thus making their contribution to a specific period of history tie with other events to which the general public can relate. 

For the firearms enthusiast, more information (caliber, country of origin, dates used, model number, etc.) about each firearm is posted. For the serious collector / researcher very detailed information (list of each marked part manufacturer, ordnance acceptance marks, proof and cartouche marks, month and year of manufacture, complete model specifications, and other similar details) are available.

Since firearms can be dangerous when misused or handled carelessly, we emphasize safety education, including fundamental principles of firearms operation,. We are a distribution center for gun locks under the "Project ChildSafe" program. In addition, we encourage anyone needing a lock but who is unfamiliar with firearms to bring the firearm to a designated location where trained volunteers will show them how to properly use the lock and secure the firearm

The Museum offers, at no charge, the NRA 4 hour Home Firearm Safety Course by a Certified Instructor to any interested parties.


The Museum was founded in 2005 and currently houses its exhibits in 2 galleries located in the Brown County Museum of History, Inc's location. This building, the former Brown County Jail is an impressive 3-story stone building in the style of a medieval castle. Plans include additional space and rotating exhibits