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Bountiful, UT 84010
Wednesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Elaine Holbrook, Family & Personal Histories
Sandy Inman, Historical Curricula for schools & public
Barbara Manfull, Native American History, and Artist
Randy Goodrich, Historical Tours, and Advertising
Joyce Benard, Historian of Schools & Oral Histories
Annette Nelson, Historian of local cemeteries & records
Lloyd Carr, Business & Finance and fund raising
Tom Tolman, Board Member


Bountiful is the second settlement in Utah, and we have a rich heritage and many places to visit and learn about. At present we have a temporay museum, but within a year we will have raised $1.5 million dollars for a new state-of-art museum for all our artifacts, histories, personal journals and an extensive digital photo archive about the entire South Davis County area around Bountiful. Watch for our opening in the Fall of 2008.


The primary purposes of the Bountiful Historical Commission are to help in the gathering, recording, researching, preserving, archiving and disseminating the history of Bountiful.

Our main goal is to provide a suitable museum for all historical information and artifacts of Bountiful, and make them readily available to the citizens of our community, so they may come to know and appreciate the sacrifices of our early pioneers in providing this wonderful community for us to live and raise our families in relative peace and tranquility.


Utah's second settlement, established in the Fall of 1847 as Sessions' Settlement, later named Bountiful, Utah. The beginings of Bountiful was farming and orchards, providing the growing Salt Salt City with much of it's fruits and vegetables. Most of the farms have now given way to beautiful homes and gardens, and we are located 10 miles north of the Capitol City of Salt Lake City and have become their bedroom community.

Artifacts Collections

Many early pioneer relics of farming, home and garden relics as well as personal journals, histories, and photographs.

Research Collections

Early pioneer journals, histories, genealogies, and photographs as well as recent writings of families and histories of the Bountiful area. Much of the information is a a digital format for easy access and printing copies for patrons.

Educational Programs

Research, guided tours, lectures to school children and others,such as the DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers), as well as daily visitors. We also conduct bus tours of historical sites in the communities and tours of our cemeteries with brochures telling about each of the locations and burial sites. We only ask for a donation towards our museum and activities.


    Access: General Public, Students, Scholars

    Appointment required: No


    We have many brochures,a nd publications about people, places, homes, and current tours. available for sale.

    • Dwellings, photos and histories of all the homes in Bountiful built before 1900.
    • History of Bountiful by Leslie Foy
    • Bountiful Historical Tours Booklet
    • Stoker School, a 100 year history book


    2 new DVD oral history interviews

    We have just finished 2 new DVD oral history interviews with former Utah Governor Calvin Rampton and Beatrice (Bea) Call Mabey. Both of these people were born and raised in Bountiful and almost next door to each other near 1st North and Main, about where the Wight House now sits. They are both in their early 90's and still have some great memories they shared with us about the early days of Bountiful. The DVD's are on file at our Museum, where they can be viewed. They are not for sell at this time, but could be in the near future.

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