4725 E. Mayo Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85050
phone: 480-478-6000
We expect approximately 250,000-500,000 visitors per year. We will have modest visitor fees so that MIM is accessible to everyone. We also plan to actively encourage students from area schools grades 4-12 to participate in school tours.
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Billie R. Dewalt, President and Director
Amanda Birnstengel, Operations Manager
Sunni Fass, Assistant Curator of Non-Western Instruments
Kathleen Gallagher, Exhibit Designer/Developer
Barbara Hamann, Conservator
Melissa Parsoff, Media Contacts
phone: 212-593-5889


The new Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), the first truly global museum of its kind, broke ground on February 6, 2008 for its 190,000-square-foot facility on 20 acres of land on the north side of Phoenix, Arizona. Offices during the building of the museum are located in Tempe, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scheduled to open in 2010, this new museum will celebrate the universal language of music by exhibiting instruments from every country in the world


The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) will celebrate the similarities and differences of the world's cultures as expressed through music - a language common to us all.

Artifacts Collections

The instruments will have both historic and artistic merit. Most instruments will be more than 50 years old, although some newer instruments may be required if some countries' "signature" instruments are newer or if older instruments are no longer available. Our desire is to have instruments that have been used for folk and tribal occasions wherever possible.


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: No


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