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Hwy 223
Denmark, TN 38391
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P.O. Box 50
Denmark, TN 38391
phone: 731-427-7897
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Billy J. King, President
phone: 731-427-7897


This cemetery is on the original site of the Denmark Presbyterian Church established in 1820. It is the largest cemetery in this area. There are grave dating back to 1823 many Civil War Soldiers are buried here. Two whose bodies were brought her after the Battle of Britton Lane which is four miles from the cemetery. It has Many stones made of White Marble form Italy. General John Ingram, Comander of the Denmark Danes is buired here. Civil War Comander.


On the site of the first church in Denmark, the Denmark Prebyterian Church, established in 1823. The oldest Presbyterian Congregation in West Tennessee.


Big Black Creek Historical Association