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Patricia Nettleship, Foundation Director
Ernest Marquez, Historian
Warren Dillard, Development Officer
Briony Buys, Music Director
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Britney Holland, Graduate Student Intern - LMU
Steven Bolanas, panish Translations Intern - UCLA
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La Señora Research Institute's focus is on research and education. It begins with our scholars as we document the Rancho Era of Early California under Spain, Mexico and the United States, especially as it relates to the 1839 Mexican Land Grant Rancho Boca de Santa Monica where our José Mojica Hacienda and the Pascual Marquez Family Cemetery are located.
Equally important to the preservation of historic records is the preservation of the Rancho's rich cultural heritage with its typically Mexican "Welcoming Traditions". From the beginning, the Rancho's canyon grounds were freely visited by anyone seeking tranquility under its sheltering trees and ocean breezes.
In addition to preserving the cultural heritage of the 1770s-1880s Californianos society (adding emphasis on the families of Francisco Marquez and Ysidro Reyes, the grantees of this Rancho), La Senora's programs also explore the early 1900s residents of the Rancho lands and the colorful histories of the Old Hollywood 1920s-1950s residents of the José Mojica Hacienda. Take a step into the walled gardens of the Hacienda --you'll find yourself transported to an era that lends itself to presenting the stories of this special place.


Founded in 2006, the Institute has benefitted extensively from our Historian's prior 30 years of research into the history of his family's Rancho Boca de Santa Monica legacy. Building on a collection of over 3600 photos and historic documents, our research Interns focus on documenting the cultural legacies behind those stories. Our Foundation Director spent 30 years in friendship with the former owners of the Mojica Hacienda in which the Institute is housed. The oral histories they provided of Old Hollywood are being captured as are their films being collected and shown in our 1930's 50-seat theater.

Artifacts Collections

Photos,documents, books and film ranging from the 1800s to the 1950's

Research Collections

The Collections have two areas of focus:
1 - Alta California settlement by Spain through the Mexican Rancho Era (and its cultural legacy) to the California Land Commission of 1851.
2- Old Hollywood - 1920's-1950's the stories, films and books of SM Canyon through the eyes of residents of this historic hacienda,
Our 1930's research covers the highly eclectic and creative Salon Era in the Canyon.

Educational Programs

During 2009 our Institute is working with the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archeology producing a graduate student workshop on the use of ground radar and magnetron technologies to determine the placement of unmarked graves within the walls of our Pascal Marquez Family Cemetery. Primary School field trips will also be conducted in accordance with this mid January project. In late January comparable workshops will be conducted performing the identical research task, this time using 'grave-sniffing dogs'. There are no fees for these events. Focusing on the musical cultural legacies of the hacienda a children's educational series of four concerts is planned for 2009. Donations for attendence are used to provide for the young musicians performances. Three film series and a historic lecture series are also planned both on and offsite.


    La Senora is governed entirely by its growing number of Volunteer managers ably assisted by a cadre of undergraduate and graduate work/study Interns from local universities and volunteers from collaborating historical societies, our neighbors and our widening membership. Our growing team possesses a common interest and enthusiasm level with an extremely broad range of skills and knowledge base.


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