Street Address
24880 Morgan Ave
Chisago City, MN 55013
Mailing Address
24880 Morgan Ave
Chisago City, MN 55013
phone: 651-336-4531
June to October
The Bumblebee Train runs every half hour when people are present.
Saturday10 AM - 5 PM
Non-steam rides 5.00 per child and seniors and 7.00 per adult ages 12 to 59.
Steam Rides are 9.00 per child and senior and 11.00 per adult ages 12 to 59.
Special Event Rental
Erik Thompson, General Manager
phone: 651-257-3556


The Ironhorse Central Railroad Museum is located in Chisago City, MN and has been in this present location since 1966. Richard and Robert Thompson and Doug Alexander started back in the 1950's collecting memorabilia, taking photos and going on MRA fan trips. They purchased engine # 4 in 1963 and had it stored until 1966 when it was moved to the present location. Track construction was started that year and in 1984 the circle was completed and a final spike ceremony was held celebrating the event. A documentary called "Ironhorse" was filmed from 1983 to 1984 and has been featured on television multiple times. In those years we had many newspaper articles and were shown on local news programs. We have almost a mile of track in a circle so we can run our equipment around. We have over 20 pieces of equipment. We are still out in the country so we have plenty of scenic areas for nice photos. We have a 1895 Saint Paul And Duluth Railroad depot that is the center of focus in our museum. The depot is where most of the collection of railroad artifacts is located. Displays are changed out frequently.

Artifacts Collections

The depot was built in 1895 as a fourth class station by B.T. McIver of the St Paul & Duluth Railroad to replace the one that burned in the "Great Hinckley Fire" that took place September 1st 1894. It was originally named Miller station but was remamed Groningen in 1902 after a province in Holland. After the fire imigrants from Holland had resettled the area. The station was located 10 miles north of Hinckely, MN. It was moved to Sandstone in 1966 and was used for various purposes including retail and storage. We purchased it in 1981 and moved it to our museum. After over 20 years of use we moved it to a new location at the museum. We then put it on a foundation restored the eves to the original 4' length. The eves had been cut off by the Northern Pacific in 1949 to save on maintainence. We put a new roof on it and repainted it and built a platform next to it. In 2007 we made it accessable to wheelchairs and added an ADA ramp. The depot houses displays and is a center of focus in our park area.

Educational Programs

Have a Birthday party at the Ironhorse Central Railroad Museum. Delight your child with a 1.5 mile train ride on the famous Bumblebee Train. With enough picnic tables to seat over 100 people and a beautiful park to play, a Ironhorse Central birthday party will be the highlight of the year. A 20' by 20' tent is available to be set up.


Wheelchair Accessible




Special Event Rental