Street Address
12705 Northumberland Highway
Heathsville, VA 22473
Mailing Address
PO Box 365
Heathsville, VA 22473
phone: 804-761-5952
Through October
Check on sewasonal hours and days of operations.
Saturday10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday1 PM - 4 PM
Field trips are available to grades 1 through 5. Plans are underway to extend this to other grades.
$ 2.00 for an adult
Children are free
Museum Type(s)
Gift Shop
Heather Drinkwater, Education Coordinator
phone: 804-761-5952


Once Luther Welch offered to donate the land numerous other community volunteers began working together to develop this five county farm museum. Their is strong public support and volunteerism and made the museum a success. The future will focus on builidng the main building and hosting regular programing activities. Currently a storm water cistern is being planned to provide irrigation water for community gardens that the Master Gardeners have volunteered to develop.


In late 2004, Luther Welch offered to donate land for the musuem if others would come forward and work on the Board of Directors. From there, the grou organized a non-profit 20 member board and has been busy eversince. There is one large barn that currently houses the exhibits. Plans for to raise funds to install a larger and permanent museum building. Currently programing includes field trips for school children and sprecial groups.

Educational Programs

A spring event for the public is offered each year; SOL corellated field trips are available for K through 6, community gardens are being developed.


    Newsletter twice a year.


      Wheelchair Accessible


      Gift Shop