Street Address
5241 N. Maple Ave
Fresno, CA 93740
Mailing Address
2351 E. Barstow Avenue
Fresno, CA 93740
phone: 559-278-2373


Over 100 species of trees; a rose garden with dozens of varieties; an iris garden with 100 different varieties; a magnolia collection with 24 varieties; a 1/2 acre allergy free demonstration garden; a collection of 65 tulip trees dedicated to submarines and sailors lost in WWII; a grove of 45 different varieties of Japanese Maples; a peace garden with monuments to those who have worked for peace and human rights; and many other small specialized garden areas.


The California State University, Fresno campus gained official arboretum status in the spring of 1979. Covering the entire main campus it consists of thousands of trees and plants. It is the only college in California where the entire campus (not just a few acres) has been named as an arboretum.