300 Washington Beach Ave.
Bremerton, WA 98337


The Bremerton Historic Ships Association was created in 1988 as a non-profit organization to acquire vessels, operate programs, and activities for educational, historic, and memorial purposes. The vision of a naval heritage vessel on the Bremerton Waterfront became a reality when the USS TURNER JOY was located here in 1991.

Today the Association is an active, non-profit organization dedicated to the operation of the destroyer USS TURNER JOY. The ship, which saw early action in the Vietnam War, is a fitting naval memorial, a unique visitor attraction, and an active educational facility. Along with the adjacent boardwalk, conference center, and hotel, the ship is an appropriate memorial to all those who valiantly served in the United States Navy and other armed forces.

The Bremerton Historic Ships Association is seeking broader support to more fully develop its goal of promoting not only the USS TURNER JOY, but the Bremerton Waterfront as a major destination within Kitsap County and the Puget Sound Area. This can only be achieved by a coordinated, cooperative effort by all those who believe that the city's century-old naval heritage, combined with an active, historic symbol of that heritage, can provide a foundation for future growth and development.

Join us. Share our heritage and our vision. By working together and becoming partners in our own progress we can influence and shape an exciting future for ourselves and for future generations.