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The L. Ron Hubbard House in Washington, DC is the landmark location of the first Church of Scientology in the world. Here, the prolific American writer, explorer, and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, trained students, lectured, and worked from 1957 through 1960.

The neighborhood townhouse with its historically restored spaces is just blocks from the current Church of Scientology of Washington, DC. It provides informative exhibits with photographs that give extraordinary glimpses into Hubbard's early world travels. Visitors can also step into his 1957 office and see his Remington typewriter, Ampex tape recorders, Roneo mimeograph machine, Grundig radio, and personal artifacts.

From this location, Mr. Hubbard founded the administrative structure that made it possible for him to help many people of diverse cultures, races, religions, and creeds. This work ensured a legacy that increasingly influences human rights, religion, literature, and education as well as numerous other fields such as drug rehabilitation, criminal reform, and administrative proceedures.


Among the places L. Ron Hubbard lived and worked, there are those of supreme significance—the landmarks of Scientology that will always resonate with his presence, and where he left his indelible stamp on our history. One such landmark is the original Founding Church in Washington, DC, which Ron established in July 1955. For it was here that Ron made the administrative breakthroughs that lie behind the most basic Scientology organizational policy, and on which our organizations are built today.