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Georgia Johnson, President, Atwater Historical Society
phone: 209-357-6309
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Vicki Carne, Secretary
Kathy Jansen, Treasurer
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Reference: City of Atwater Website

Built in 1914 for George Stone Bloss, Jr. and his wife Christine it was designed by the architect William Bedesen. Built at the cost of $11,954, the house is 4080 square feet, including the enclosed porches. The architectural design of the house reflects the background of the Connecticut born family, with the construction materials that were used being common to California.

Bloss, a member of the prominent pioneer family, arrived from Connecticut with his sister and parents when he was 10 years old. He married Christine Thompson, and had one child, George Thompson, who died of complications from measles at the age of seven. George became the first mayor or Atwater when it was incorporated as a city in 1922. He passed away in 1963, with the house being left to the City of Atwater upon the death of his wife. George had hoped the house would be used as a city hall, but by the time of Christine's death in 1971, the city fathers felt larger quarters were needed. The Atwater Historical Society was founded and the house was saved for its history and in honor of the many contributions the Bloss family made to the community - among them the Bloss Library, the Bloss Memorial Hospital, and the many donations of land.

The home, furnished in the style of the times, contains some of the original pieces. The home also holds many important documents from the early days, as well as items from the Marshall David Atwater family, for whom the town is named. Bloss Home was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1981 and is cared for by the Atwater Historical Society.

George’s great-uncle, John Mitchell, owned several thousand acres of land in the Central Valley. Upon his arrival to the area in the early 1850’s, Mitchell bought land for $1.00 an acre in greenbacks (paper money) or $.75 an acre gold. Upon his death n 1893 the land passed to Mitchell’s nieces, Mrs. Henry Geer, Mrs. Stephen Crane, and Mrs. George Bloss, Sr. In 1872, the Central Pacific Railroad pushed through the San Joaquin Valley and a switch was put in by a warehouse owned by Mitchell and used by Marshall Atwater. The town of Atwater quickly grew around this site.


Built in 1914 by the Bloss Family who helped found the City of Atwater.

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Atwater and area memorabilia as well as some Yokut Indian artifacts.

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Early photographs, maps, and papers.


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