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Connie B. Gragg, Corporate Officer
phone: 843-293-3377
Ted L. Gragg, Curator
phone: 843-293-3377


Gift shop is well stocked with souvenirs and educational toys and items of interest. For the more advanced collector, there are major offerings of swords, cutlery,and firearms of the period through modern for sale.

The South Carolina Civil War Museum houses the collection of the artifacts gathered from the discovery of the Confederate States Navy's war effort in ship building at the Mars Bluff Confederate Naval Yard on the Great Peedee River; as well as recovered military artifacts from the Confederate Steamer/gunboat CSS PeeDee. The museum's collection governs all aspects of the American Civil War from political, homelife, financial, and military including army, navy, and marines, salt works, and the aftermath of reconstruction. The South Carolina Civil War Museum's well presented collection includes artifacts and equipment from the turbulent years of 1860-1865.


The South Caroina Civil War Museum was founded by Ted and Connie Gragg to display and maintain the artifacts recovered from the extensive 17 year long archaeological work on the Confederate Naval Yard at Mars Bluff, South Carolina.

Artifacts Collections

Artillery shells and projectiles, tools, gunners implements, collectible armaments and accoutrements, uniforms, cannon,breechloading rifles, muskets, ammunitions, slavery items, monetary items, newspapers, medical, cutlery and swords, ladies apparel, reconstruction items.

Research Collections

Horry County listings of Confederate Service


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