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3259 Hull Road
Gainesville, FL 32611
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PO Box 112700
Gainesville, FL 32611
phone: 352-392-9826
fax: 352-392-3892
Tuesday - Friday11 AM - 5 PM
Saturday10 AM - 5 PM
Sunday1 PM - 5 PM
Free. Donations Accepted.
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Lee Anne Chesterfield, Director
Dulce Roman, Curator of Modern Art
Tami Wroath, Director of PR & Marketing
Allysa Browne Peyton, Assistant Curator of Asian Art
phone: 352-392-9826 x2169
Eric J. Segal, Education Curator of Academic Programs
Kelly Harvey, Director of Development
Mary Yawn, Director of Finance & Operations
Wikaash Kodan, Assistant Director of Finance
Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography
Jessica Uelsmann, Senior Registrar
Matt Herring, Director of Museum Technology
Paige Willis, Education Program Assistant
Alli Hudson, Assistant Director of Development
Elizabeth Rodgers, Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans
Mimi Stocker, Community and School Outreach Coordinator
Lauren Keiser, Event and Facility Rental Coordinator
Jody Green, Assistant to the Director & Special Projects Manager
Susan Cooksey, Curator of African Art
Heather Bjorn, Communications Specialist
Dr. Tongyun Yin, Curator of Asian Art


The Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida opened in 1990. The Mary Ann Harn Cofrin Pavilion opened in October 2005 and includes exhibition space, a café and classrooms. An expansive addition dedicated to the conservation, display and interpretation of Asian art opened in March 2012.


The University of Florida's Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art collaborates with university and community partners to inspire, educate and enrich people's lives through art. The museum brings the joy of experiencing great works of art to diverse university, community, national and global audiences through relevant and enlightening art collections, exhibitions and learning opportunities.

Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions

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