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Located inside the Florida Public Archaeology Network headquarters in downtown Pensacola, the Destination Archaeology Resource Center is an archaeology museum open to the public. Inside you will learn about the amazing archaeological sites that you can visit and experience throughout the state. Our exhibits include displays about both land and underwater archaeology sites. We showcase heritage sites open to the public within the eight regions of the FPAN with traditional and interactive displays, including touchscreens, tablet computers and artifacts. Additionally, our museum hosts a variety of free exhibits, events, and programs throughout the year. Destination Archaeology features: Archaeological Exhibits and Artifacts Interactive Hands-on Displays Information on Key Florida Sites Prehistoric Mounds Shipwrecks Colonial Forts and Spanish Missions Civil War Forts and Battlefields Museums

Artifacts Collections

Most artifacts are on loan from the Bureau of Archaeological Research. These artifacts highlight all the different historical periods that can be found in Florida's archaeological record, including prehistoric Native American ceramics, Spanish and British colonial objects, military armaments from the mid 19th century, and artifacts recovered from several shipwrecks off Florida's coast.

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Lectures, guided tours of gallery, Gallery Nights.


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