1650 Broderick Street
Oroville, CA 95965
phone: 530-538-2528
Sunday, Tuesday - Saturday12 PM - 3:30 PM
•$3 Adults ($2.50/each for AAA members or groups of 15 or more)
•Children under 12 Free
•Group/classroom tours available, call for appointment 530-538-2497
David Dewey, Curator, Cultural Facilities


The Bolt's Antique Tool Museum celebrates the tools that built our world. It is the largest known documented collection of hand tools. It began in 1957 when Carl “Bud” Bolt was a representative of Snap-On Tools. He needed some old tools to show how his new tools were superior to the old ones. Thus began Bud’s life-long fascination with old tools. Although he vowed to stop collecting when he reached 1,000 pieces, the collection now numbers over 8,400 pieces. Each is meticulously cataloged and referenced with research ongoing, fulfilling Bud’s dream of having a collection that will be enjoyed and studied by tool aficionados, scholars, and students from around the world.

Educational Programs

This unique museum also offers an interactive student discovery program as well as a lecture service suitable for grade school to adult levels.