Street Address
4703 Texoma Parkway
Sherman, TX 75090
Mailing Address
4703 Texoma Parkway
Sherman, TX 75090
Monday- Friday open by request or reservation!
Friday4:30 PM - 7 PM
Saturday10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Sunday1:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Adults: $5
Children (12 and up): $5
Children under 12: Free
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Keith Mcbrair, Education Director
phone: 903-771-1134


The Harber Wildlife Museum is life long dream of Dorothy and Lacy Harber that has come to fruition right here in Grayson County, Texas. The Museum will be open for all to view and is home to their life long pursuit of animals from around the world. Along with many animal species, there is also an extensive collection of African artifacts on display.

Special Exhibits of Animal Scenes

1 Africa
2 North America
3 Americas Desert
4 Mixed scene Russia, Australia, Saudi, New Zealand, Asia

Traveling Exhibts are available!


Conservation, preservation, and education is the mission of the museum to perpetuate this legacy for all future generations.

Artifacts Collections

Hundreds from around the world. Africa, India, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia.

Research Collections

Artifacts and animals are available for research.

Educational Programs

We provide tours through the exhibits, a video room with videos on animals and there environments, a library of books, and room full of artifacts. We have several classes and lectures scheduled.

We do allow photography. We host Ducks Unlimited and a number of other participating conservation organizations.


    Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Staff Only

    Appointment required: No


    Wanting to make a donation or Volunteer?

    Please contact us !! We are a nonprofit organization and in need of volunteers and donations!

    Be sure to check out our gift shop!

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    Special Event Rental

    Group Tours