Street Address
10 Middle Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Mailing Address
Box 728
Portsmouth, NH 03802
May 23rd - October 31st
Daily10 AM - 5 PM
Museum Type(s)
Stephanie Seacord, Director of marketing
phone: 603-772-1835


This Portsmouth Historical Society pilot project has converted the former city library to a new “one stop” central gateway to the historical, cultural and artistic venues of greater Portsmouth and a new exhibition site displaying the art and history of the region.

Discover Portsmouth: A new gateway to arts, culture, and history.

Portsmouth is again at a tipping point. It has been two centuries since our seafaring economy dissolved and this city began a long slow climb back to prosperity. Portsmouth has been searching for its economic focus and stability ever since. Now we’ve found it.

It is becoming very clear that New Hampshire’s only seaport is now among the nation’s most walkable, cultural, and historic spots. Travel guides and the national media have discovered Portsmouth. By staying small and preserving our history, at first by necessity and later by design, Portsmouth has emerged as the ideal American small city in which to live, work, and visit. What is missing now — and needed more than ever — is a dedicated organization with a central public location to anchor, focus, and promote our expanding role as a cultural heritage destination for everyone, visitors and locals alike. Portsmouth needs the Discover Portsmouth Center.

Discover Portsmouth Center is the gateway to history, arts, and culture in our city. It is a vibrant new Visitor Center, orienting visitors and residents (well over 30,000 to date) to Portsmouth assets. It is a Community Center, hosting events and exhibits that educate and inspire the local population. And it is a nonprofit hub, where area organizations can find a free and open space to come together for collaboration, training, and programs that enliven and enrich the city.


We are dedicated to increasing public understanding and enthusiasm for local history. Our trustees, staff, sponsors, and members believe strongly that the uniqueness of Portsmouth is defined by the city’s past. Our mission is to provide a central location where, in cooperation with other groups, we can introduce, interpret, and stimulate the study of Portsmouth history.