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Jill Santopietro, Director
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Come on in and witness our history.

Muskets, marshland, and muslin, rice, rivers, and revolution. What do these seemingly unrelated subjects have in common? The Georgetown County Museum offers fascinating connections that intertwine these and many other facets of life that span almost 300 years of American history lived out in the daily lives of the citizens of Georgetown, South Carolina. This colonial town has seen it all and we keep the spirit of each era in our heritage alive with the many displays and exhibits found here in the Museum.

From the earliest maritime industry of the 1730’s when we launched an international Port of Entry and built ships to ply these waters, through the growing of indigo and rice on our upland fields and lush riverbanks, through the drama and glory of the Revolutionary War, we remembered. The “Swamp Fox” walked our streets, as did British Redcoats. Union Blue troops marched about town in search of Gray.

We experienced the heights of vast wealth and affluence through the first part of the 19th Century and agonized the loss of it all during the last. Times were hard through the aftermath of the Civil War, but later, Georgetown rose to the top once more, this time in the lumber business. Prosperity reigned again, and through it all, the bits and pieces of everyday life can be seen here at the Museum. Artifacts and exhibits give a glimpse of these times of heartache and triumph, kept amazingly intact after so very long.

Georgetown has been visited by Presidents and Royalty, and figures readily recognized from throughout American history and they left their mark here. Come in for a step back in time, talk with our docents, and experience the “Old South” .

Artifacts Collections

  • Industry Collection
  • Sport Fishing Collection
  • Hunting Collection
  • Native American Collection
  • Slavery Collection
  • Plantation Life Collection
  • Famous Americans and Georgetown
  • Military Room
  • 20th Century Collection
  • Entertainment Collection
  • Four-masted wooden schooner “City of Georgetown”
  • •Dr Frances Doyle Collection

Research Collections

  • Study Archives


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