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Robert D. Mcdonald, President
phone: 941-575-0401
Gregory D. Garcia, Vice President
phone: 239-682-0461
Helen A. Mcdonald, Treasurer
Marisa Garcia, Secretary
David Collins, Board zMember


The Museum of Military Memorabilia, Inc., 501(c)3, honors our veterans with a collection of more than 10,000 artifacts associated with military history. Through them we recreate a historic realism for visitors and supply helpful historical information - important for a better understanding about past conflicts.


The mission of the Museum of Military Memorabilia, Inc. is Honor - Preserve - Present.

Our mission is 1) to create a full service museum to honor the veterans who have in the past, and are now protecting the cause of freedom, 2) to preserve the artifacts associated with the military history and 3) to present information that will create greater understanding of these conflicts among present and future generations.


The Museum of Military Memorabilia, Inc. is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida, filed on April 26, 2006. A traveling museum from December 2006 to present. Permemant location Naples Municipal Airport, Commercial Airline Terminal 1 August 2011, WWII Military Aviation.

Artifacts Collections

WWII Military Aviation on display, named individual uniforms, equipment, weapons, pictures, diaries, trench art, medals - for others to enjoy along with stories that go with them. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Viet-Nam War,Desert Shield / Desert Storm, present wars for expanded displays.


Up in the attic or in that back room closet, do you have historic military objects-uniforms, equipment, weapons, pictures, diaries, trench art, medals that you no longer wish to keep or maybe you have a great collection of your own military gear that you'd like others to enjoy along with the stories that go with them. Give them to us. We'd like to preserve and display them.

Educational Programs

We are pleased to present exhibits of these treasures to local area groups, schools and the general public. We are also pleased with organizations that come to the museum for special tours.


Presentation and Exhibit area.


We have a very active Board of Directors, and a growing group of enthusiasts, who have been and abiding interest in presenting for public viewing, mind-catching displays of historic military items, together with supporting historical information about these items, in an effort to honor those who have served, and even given their lives, for their countries in the conflicts represented.

As we expand the Museum in the Naples Municipal Airport we need your help. We are raising much needed funds and looking for sponsors for the beautiful new display cases being designed and built for us.


Access: Staff Only, Members

Appointment required: Yes


Newsletter information on our website.


Wheelchair Accessible




Every T-shirt Counts!!!

Would you like to help support our Museum as it struggles to provide the public with exposure to it's 10,000 treasures of military history? Just about everyone loves a T-shirt - you, your children, your grandchildren.

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