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Timberlane Farm Museum is a working farm museum which preserves the 1860 to 1940 life style and farming techniques. The museum offers the unique opportunity to experience the home and farm life in the early days of the Big Thompson Valley. There are two historic homes (1880 and 1918) as well as many historic outbuildings and farm animals.


Timberlane Farm Museum illustrates the farming heritage and family life of the Colorado Big Thompson Valley from 1860 to 1940 with restored homes, artifacts, photographs, documentation, and living farm exhibits. The museum will host demonstrations and events for visitors to experience the day-to-day lives of the early valley residents.


In 1860, Judge W.B. Osborn visited the Big Thompson Valley where he acquired a 160 acre homestead located between the Big Thompson River and present day East 14th Street SW. Judge Osborn and his wife Margaret settled on the homestead in 1861.

W.B. soon began operating a farm on his property and in addition served the new county of Larimer in various capacities, including stints as an appointed County Commissioner, Treasurer, Assessor, and Judge. The first home built on what would become Timberlane Farm was this log cabin on the banks of the Big Thompson River. The Osborn family occupied the cabin from 1861 until 1882. Nothing remains of the original home today.

Louise Osborn Gardels, the great grand daughter of Judge Osborn, owns the Timberlane Farm property located north of the Big Thompson River, originally totaling 165 acres. Mrs. Gardels sold most of this property in 2004 retaining the 5 acre home sites on East 1st Street for development as the Timberlane Farm Museum.

Under the direction of Mrs. Gardels, the Timberlane Farm Museum has restored and furnished the two Timberlane Farm homes to period correct condition. The home constructed by Milo Yates Osborn in 1882 demonstrates a typical Big Thompson Valley household in the late 1800s, without the modern conveniences of electricity and running water. The home constructed by Kenneth Osborn exhibits the improved living standards that were found in the valley in early 1900s households. Both homes demonstrate the typical family activities that existed during the respective time periods exhibited.

Artifacts Collections

Many original artifacts from the family are in the collections.

Items we are looking for:

If you have a material donation, contact us to let us know the details of the items you wish to give. Specific items we are looking for include the following: • A couple of cook stoves from the 1800's, • Brass bed

Research Collections

Photographs and documents from the Osborn Family.

Educational Programs

The restored homes and farm buildings provide a perfect setting for demonstrations hosted by the museum. Farming, barnyard, blacksmithing and gardening activities are scheduled for public observation and participation. A variety of other programs will be made available as development of facilities is completed.

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The farm museum is wheelchair accessible, with the exception of the upstairs of one of the historic homes.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs at Timberlane Farm: Eggs for sale: $3 per dozen. We're getting 20+ eggs a day from our chickens.

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