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Cheryle Caputo, President
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The Friends of Burial Hill have been founded for the purpose of protecting, preserving and enhancing the burial ground and it's environs. Our goals include the preservation of the physical grounds and the conservation of the gravestones, memorials and commemorative sites.We strive to raise awareness of the history of those buried ,or symbolized, and of the men who carved these early forms of art.


Overlooking Plymouth Harbor with a panoramic vista, Burial Hill is one of our countries earliest puritan burial grounds.The first documented burial is that of Edward Gray 1681. The stone carvings and epitaphs show the changing views of our forefathers thoughts on death and the afterlife. They are also reflective of societal roles and patterns.Burial Hill has a handful of 17th century slate markers and many well preserved stones from the 18th century as well.The earliest motifs can be found here along with fine neoclassical designs and a wonderful collection of portrait stones. Prior to being designated as a burying ground, the hill was the site of the fort, meetinghouse and watch tower of the first permanent settlement.

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Town owned cemetery.


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