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Military: $15
Youth (6-11): $10
Children under 6: Free
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Battleship USS Iowa Museum - Adventure Through History. We invite you to discover the Battleship of Presidents and the West Coast's only battleship museum. A unique experience on board takes you on a memorable family journey through World War II, Korean War, and Cold War; following in footsteps of sailors that lived on the most powerful warship built to date. Visitors tour six decks of wood & steel and numerous exhibits on the Battleship that hosted three U.S. Presidents during her service as a symbol of democracy. The USS Iowa is located at the L.A. Waterfront, former home to the US Navy Battleship fleet and an area rich in maritime history.


The mission of the Pacific Battleship Center is to celebrate the American spirit through the preservation and interpretation of the Battleship IOWA, to educate the public on the accomplishments and sacrifices of American patriots, and to engage our guests in unique and exciting ways that bring the ship to life by connecting the past with the future.


The Battleship IOWA museum is a melding of science, technology, engineering, and math. She was built in 1943 - a time when drawing boards were the norm and computers as we know them didn?t exist. It is hard to imagine the effort it took to design, build, and bring alive 45,000 tons of steel . A 887 foot long behemoth that would be home to thousands of sailors over three different decades.

Every day the Battleship IOWA crew showcases your historic science museum. A platform, unlike no other, that highlights the achievements of our fellow Americans. People just like you that risked their lives to protect our freedom and ideals. Every day on board the Battleship IOWA museum is a special day for the crew, as we get to show our pride in this great piece of American history.

Visitors from all over the world comment on the emotional and memorable journey they experience when coming on board. Women and men alike feel the strong connection to our past and an amazing sense of respect for our service men and women during a museum tour. It is difficult for the crew to truly reflect how special the Battleship IOWA is to us, but it is easy to explain after someone visits.

Artifacts Collections

Primarily related to the service of the ship from 1943 to 1990. Artifacts include the ship itself, along with numerous displays along the tour route.

Educational Programs

We are introducing our education programs in early 2015 and they will include a ROV program, Camp Battleship, and STEM components.


Battleship USS Iowa is 887' long and 108' wide. All facilities are on board the ship and include the wardroom, captains cabin, mess decks, fantail, bridge, and numerous other areas. Facilities.FacilityItems=Performance Areas


Board of Directors oversees the organization and a Board of Trustees is a support group.


We publish a semi-monthly e-newsletter, a weekly blog, and annual audited financials.

  • E-Newsletter (semi-monthly)
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  • Audited Financials (yearly)


Battleship IOWA is currently not ADA accessible, but we do make special accommodations in advance. Please contact us at 877-446-9261 and we will work to accommodate your visit.




Primarily we provide a tour of the historic Battleship IOWA, and also offer special events, youth overnights, and filming.

Honoring Veterans at the Battleship USS Iowa Museum

As many visitors arrive with family members that have served our country, we make it a priority to ensure our veterans have a VIP experience. When we are aware of a veteran with your party, we will announce their service aboard our PA system and welcome them aboard. It is very common to see our crew thank veterans for their service while on tour. Please make sure to let us know when someone in your party is a veteran. Let's show them how much we care as a community!

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