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By appointment.
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Richard L. Newman, Esq., Executive Director
phone: 860-379-0505
Sara Nowak, Assistant Director
phone: 860-379-0505


The Tort Museum takes visitors through the history of tort law and highlights precedent setting cases that affect our justice system, and daily life, today. Through interactive and traditional exhibits, visitors can discover the evolution of consumer protection, and how critical each of their voices are in upholding justice for all in this country.

Issues that affect every citizen are brought to life in our galleries, including vehicle safety, workplace injury, and numerous other situations that result in personal harm, whether physical, emotional or financial. Through our exhibits we hope to spark critical thinking, encouraging everyone to ask questions and develop their ethics as citizens.


The American Museum of Tort Law seeks to increase citizen understanding of Tort Law - the law of wrongful injury - and the role it plays in protecting personal freedom, health and safety through the American civil justice system.


Opened on September 26th, 2015, the museum is a fresh new addition to the museum landscape of Connecticut, New England and the United States! In fact, The American Museum of Tort Law is the first museum about law in North America, and quite possibly the world!

Artifacts Collections

Currently our collection includes dangerous toys, a 1963 Corvair, a jukebox and a piece of factory machinery.

Research Collections

We are working to build a collection, with a particular focus on materials used as trial exhibits.

Educational Programs

We offer tours specific to group needs. Also we are happy to host educate professional development events as well as meetings and other gatherings.


In addition to two main gallery spaces we have a theatre room equipped with a projector.

Lecture Halls


Our entire facility is wheelchair accessible. We are creating audio guides for visitors with hearing and visual impairments.

Wheelchair Accessible




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SHIRTS - Bring the American Museum of Tort Law with you wherever you go! Our Flaming Pinto and Flaming Rat T-Shirts make great conversation starters - and great gifts!

BOOKS - Readers Think, Thinkers Read. Add to your personal library or gift one of these important works to someone else.

MUGS - Your own mug or as a gift: All men are created equal; Bill of Rights; Constitution; Declaration of Independence; expressed a desire; Flaming Pinto; Flaming Rat; Museum Building Logo; We the People ... and more

Fun Items include; variety of buttons; Flaming Pinto; magnets; Museum Building Logo.

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