Street Address
22550 Van Buren Ave
Riverside, CA 92518
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 6463
March ARB, CA 92518
phone: 951-902-5949
9am - 4pm daily. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter Day.
General admission: (ages 12 and up)
Frank Gile, Acting Executive Director
phone: 951-697-6602 x204
Steve Clugston, Manager Of Collections/Exhibits
phone: 951-697-6602 x210
Mae Burtness, Office Manager
phone: 951-697-6602 x201
Rowdy Arrington Twomey, Volunteer Coordinator/Educational Tour Bookings
phone: 951-697-6604
Megan Seguine, Office Assistant
phone: 951-697-6602 x202
Rudy Lerma, Restoration
phone: 951-697-6602


Our most important assets are our experienced volunteers who are more than willing to share historical facts, technical data, flight information and little known truths about the past. World WarII vets are dying off at the rate of 1,500 per week so it's important that we let them tell their stories. We are fortunate enough to have over 100 volunteers who are willing to share the past with our guests.By gearing our educational tours to enhance the criteria that educators must use as guide lines,(The California State Educational Standards), we are able to put the knowledge of our volunteers to good use.
Our future plans will include more "hands on" exhibits and we have a new building in the works. It will be our educational building that will house our library and multipurpose room.
We give our visitors an opportunity to see what has been done to keep Americans free and help them understand what part this country has had in preserving freedom for the rest of the world.We hope to give our guests the opportunity to be proud of America and their fellow man.


The March Field Air Museum opened in Dec 1979 and was located inside the old commissary building at March Field Air Force Base.
1n 1993, due to Base realignment,the Museum was granted a non profit status and moved just West of the March Field Air Reserve facility.

Artifacts Collections

March Air Field Historical artifacts and nearly 70 aircraft and 25,000 other military artifacts.

Research Collections

Over 4,000 publications in the library. Most pertain to the military and military aircraft

Educational Programs

Revolving exhibits, educational tours, speakers bureau, reinactment days, oral history panels, open aircraft days and tram tours.


    March Field Museum Foundation (a 501c non-profit)


    Access: Students, Scholars

    Appointment required: Yes




      Wheelchair Accessible