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Monroe, NY 10950
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Jeffrey Albanese, Chair
Joseph Hoffman, Vice Chair


Museum Village is a living history museum preserving a vast collection of eclectic, 19th century artifacts for educational purposes. Using these artifacts and reproductions, we provide hands-on experiences and exhibits illustrating the transition from a rural to an industrial culture and economy in America, provoking thought and discussion about history. Exhibits include blacksmith shop, weaving, farm life, a mastodon skeleton, firehouse, school house, log cabin, energy and the environment. Special events include Boy Scout and Girl Scout Days, 4-H programs, Family Fun and Games, and a Civil War re-enactment Labor Day Weekend.


Museum Village was the vision of Roscoe William Smith, an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector who contributed to his native Orange County in many ways during his 99 years. Roscoe made his fortune as founder of the Orange and Rockland electric company in 1905. The wealth he generated from his successful company and investments allowed him to give back to the community in many ways. Probably Mr. Smith's most cherished gift to the local community was Museum Village of Old Smith's Clove. Mr. Smith was passionate about American history and was an avid collector of Americana. His collection varied widely, from textiles and porcelain items to horse-drawn carriages. His main interest, was in craft tools and mechanical devices: their invention, adaptation and development which he realized were slowly disappearing.

Artifacts Collections

School House; The Museum Village schoolhouse is a replica of the Monroe Stone Schoolhouse built in 1805.
General Store: The J.C. Merritt Store at Museum Village is named after a similar store, owned and operated by John Carlton Merritt from 1875 to 1924.
Drug Store; The museum's exhibit of the Vernon Drugstore features the authentic content, fixtures and furnishings of Charles Vernon's store, originally located in the nearby village of Florida.
Log Cabin: The log cabin that stands next to the Vernon Drugstore on the Museum's grounds originally stood just beyond the forest of Dean's Mine. The cabin dates from the last quarter of the 18th century.
and much more...