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Starlyn D'angelo, Executive Director
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This is the site of America's first Shaker settlement. Visitors can enjoy a self guided tour of the Shaker herb garden, apple orchard and cemetery. The 1848 Shaker Meeting House is one of the most important Shaker buildings left standing. It contains a small exhibition about Shaker history as well as a gift shop. Eight other historic Shaker buildings are still standing at the site but are not yet open to the public. Albany County purchased the site when the Shaker community closed in the 1920s. The County built a nursing home at the site and used the facility up until 2006 when it closed the home. The Society developed an award winning site master plan to guide the future use of the site. We envision a mixed use facility that will contain a restaurant and commercial office rental space as well as space for museum education programs and exhibitions. The historic site is adjacent to a wilderness preserve with hiking trails and bike paths that lead to the Mohawk River. Heritage breeds of oxen live at the site during the summer months.


Shaker Heritage Society was established in 1977 and leases portions of the historic Shaker site from Albany County. The Society is best known for its high quality education programs and for its seasonal craft fairs.

Artifacts Collections

The Society has a small collection of 900 Shaker artifacts.

Research Collections

Transcriptions of Shaker journals available by appointment only.

Educational Programs

A wide variety of sensory based programs are available for all ages. The annual Shaker Learning Fair is a hands-on learning experience for 4th grade students meets numerous NYS Learning Standards. Programs are also offered for individuals with disabilities and for senior citizens and nursing home residents. Academic lectures on a variety of topics including African American Shakers, Surprising facts about the Shakers, the life of Anne Lee and much more are also available.


Historic site owned by Albany County


Access: Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: Yes


The Society issues a quarterly newsletter that contins information about SHS activities as well as history articles.

  • The Watervliet Shaker Journal


Gift Shop

Special Event Rental