Street Address
19 North Second Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 578
Columbia, PA 17512
phone: 717-684-2894
Researchers can always contact us for an appointment.
Sunday1 PM - 4 PM
4th Friday of each month: 5 pm until 9 pm
Donations Accepted
phone: 717-572-7149


Located in the original English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia Historic Preservation Society is dedicated to the preservation of the river town, formerly known as Wright’s Ferry. Once considered as a possible site for locating our nation’s capitol, Columbia was once the gateway to the American West.

The museum houses artifacts and publications pertaining to the history of this Susquehanna river town. Model train display.

In addition to offering published articles and books on the town’s history, the museum houses a model train display, artifacts, a research room, microfilm archive, and publications pertaining to the history of this Susquehanna river town.

M&T Bank Discovery

Upon the closing of the M&T Bank, Columbia branch, in June 2010, bank officers contacted the Columbia Historical Preservation Society and allowed them to search the basement area for items and records relating to the banking history of the citizens of Columbia. Little did they know of the treasures they would find: Over 700 leather-bound ledgers, letters, and booklets, most dating from the 1800‘s. Letters from prominent Pennsylvania citizens and everyday transactions from local citizens. Priceless treasures that peaked the imagination. The penmanship alone held a fascinating beauty. The Society is forever grateful to M&T Bank for the history they’ve shared with its citizens.


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