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Our museum is a historical museum dating back to pre-historic to present day. One of the galleries is devoted to the Turnbull Settlement which arrived in the new world and Florida in 1768. This was the largest British colonization attempt in the new world, exceeding Jamestown and only one in Florida. Our goal is to educate the visiting public of this rich history and also to get it into the school system. We have prepared DVD's telling the story which meets the Sunshine State Education standards. This exhibit is an interactive media, with both Video and art graphics telling the story. The perimeter gallery is a time line, starting with pre history and ending with New Smyrna today. This is an on going project being added to each day. We are partnering with the County in presenting an Echo tour of school children, being done twice a year. We are also partnering with the County developing an archaeology site dating back to the Turnbull Settlement. Our future plans calls for the development of the Old Fire Station for a Train Exhibit and a fire memorabilia exhibit.


To collect and exhibit objects and documents related to the history of Southeast Volusia County, with particular emphasis on the settlement of Dr. Andrew Turnbull in 1768. The mission is to be accomplished through educational outreach to all community populations with the purpose of promoting history.


The building was built in 1923 for the purpose of housing the Post Office. When the P.O. moved it was the administrative office of New Smyrna Beach Utilities. In 2002, the City conveyed the building to the Historical Society. After renovations it was opened as a Historical Museum in Jan. 2003.

Artifacts Collections

The Museum has artifact collections back to pre-historic time when the Timuecan Indians lived in the area.

Research Collections

The research collections covers the area of the 1700' s to present.

Educational Programs

We have gallery tours, both by private groups and children groups.These are quided by our docents and members of the BOD At the present time we do not have a paid director, but this is being studied and within the next twelve months we hope to have a paid person on board. We are strictly an all volunteer organization at the time, with no paid staff.


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: No


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