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Louise Smerick, Director
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Each year historical programs are scheduled for members and the public is welcome. We work together with the Lawrence Park Historical Society, the Erie County History Center and Wesleyville, which was part of Harborcreek Township until May 31, 1912. The Society is part of ERIE YESTERDAY; this is a network of county historical societies and museums which promote local history. Furthermore, we participate with the Harborcreek Township Supervisiors, the Harbor Creek School District & the Harborcreek Chamber of Commerce for community events.

The Archives are accessible to members and the general public. Office hours are Wednesday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2:00 pm. Special visits can be arranged by phoning 814-899-4447 or writing to 5451 Merwin Lane Erie, Pennsylvania 16510.


The purposes of the Society are to promote awareness of the history and heritage of the Harborcreek area and its environs and to encourage the identification, collection and preservation of material for those purposes.


In 1994, Township Supervisors appointed Judy Wieczorek and Beth Simmons to initiate a project for the Erie Bicentennial in 1995. The Harborcreek Historical Society was then created and incorporated with 22 charter members.

The Historical Society is maintained and grows through the efforts and generosity of the Harborcreek community. We list tribute or memorial donations in our newsletter. We accept historical donations with reference to the Harborcreek area. We have received yearbooks, family histories, lots of photographs, reference books, news articles, artwork of various landmarks, and school memorabilia. If someone wants to keep their collection, they can bring the documents to the office for us to scan or copy. They can keep their originals and we will have a reference copy.


The Harborcreek Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to promote local history. With the help of the community, the Society continues to safeguard and preserve Harborcreek history, artifacts and memories. You are invited to browse our displays, join us for programs and events, and use the archives for family and local history research.


Archives & Research Room

The Society’s collection includes journals, cemetery records, tax records, yearbooks, photographs, letters, documents and an assortment of artifacts relating to Harborcreek Township, Erie County. For ease of access and use, much of our archival collection has been reproduced, and our trained volunteers can assist you in your quest for information. Walk-ins are welcome during our regular hours. If our office hours do not fit your schedule, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Access: General Public, Students, Members

Appointment required: Yes


Quarterly newsletters are sent to all members




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