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14710 SW 128th Street
Miami, FL 33196
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Wednesday - Saturday10 AM - 5 PM
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Adults $10.00
Senior Citizens (60+) $7.00
Children (12 and under) $6.00
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Konstatin Oulianov, Museum Manager
Suzette Rice, President
phone: 305-323-9995


Located at Kendall-Tamiami Airport in Miami-Dade County, the Wings Over Miami Air Museum serves as an ongoing tribute to the veterans and aviators who pioneered military and civilian aviation. The museum seeks to educate visitors about the rich history of aviation, the scientific basis of flight, and the many challenges faced during the evolution of flight.


Wings Over Miami Air Museum serves as a tribute to those veterans and aviators who pioneered civilian and military aviation. The museum is for the education and enjoyment of all the community. With this goal in mind, the museum both displays and flies military and classic aircraft to share the rich history of flight. It provides an operating legacy of aircraft with an insight to the stories of the pilots who flew them.


The Kendall location of Wings Over Miami Air Museum is a hangar facility that traditionally has been used as an aviation museum. In 1986, pilot Kermit Weeks housed his growing collection of vintage aircraft in such a way that it could be shared with the community in a museum setting. In 1992, Weeks Air Museum was crushed by Hurricane Andrew and severely damaged almost all the planes. The museum was rebuilt and remained there until Mr. Weeks moved his ever-growing collection to Polk County, Florida, where he was able to expand onto 1300 acres and create his “Fantasy of Flight”. Weeks Air Museum moving out of Miami left a void in the aviation community in South Florida. As a result, in late 2001, four military and classic plane enthusiasts came together and decided to transition the existing hanger into “Wings Over Miami Air Museum”.

Artifacts Collections

A new collection was acquired including vintage aircraft, military trainers, and jet aircraft from the Cold War era. The museum’s collection of aircraft is almost entirely in flying condition, and some are flown regularly, mainly on the weekends. Additionally, there is recurrent plane maintenance and renovation activity on site which the public may notice as they walk through the museum. This too, is keeping with the museum’s mission of being an active flying museum.


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