Street Address
100 University Drive
Monaca, PA 15061
Mailing Address
1688 Route 168
Georgetown, PA 15043
One hour before Penn State's summer Cultural Center events. Also by appointment for group tours
Admission is free. Donations are accepted
Museum Type(s)
Terry Shanor
phone: 724-573-4895
Terry Ann Schaner, President
phone: 724-573-4895
Terry Ann Schaner, President
phone: 724-573-4895


The Baker-Dungan Museum was aptly named for the first two settlers of Beaver County. Levi Dungan and George Baker. We preserve the history of our earliest pioneers. We have expanded to include artifacts from the 1800's and the early 1900's.


Mill Creek Valley Historical Association was formed in 1965. We opened our Baker-Dungan Museum in 1968 within the library of the Penn State Beaver Campus. In 1976 we moved to our current larger home within Penn State Beavers Cultural Center.

Artifacts Collections

Arrowheads, pioneer farming implements and tools. Early cooking utensils. Early furniture. Civil War uniform, WW1 uniform, WW11 Navy and Army uniforms. Glassware made in Beaver County.


Wheelchair Accessible