Street Address
229 Monroe Street
Wauseon, OH 43567
Mailing Address
229 Monroe Street
Wauseon, OH 43567
phone: 419-337-7922
John Swearingen, Director
phone: 419-337-7922
Lisa Crouse, Curator
phone: 419-337-7922


The Fulton County Historical Museum is housed in an 1868 Romanesque Revival two-story brick building rich in Fulton County history. The building served as Wauseon's first High School until 1897. In the middle of the 1896-1897 school year, the building had to be condemned because the foundation was sinking. In 1898 the former High School was renovated into a duplex and the Victorian porch was added. In 1903 the Fulton County medical association bought the former High school and from about 1905 until 1930 the building served as Fulton County 's first hospital. In 1945 the former hospital was converted into four apartments. In 1969 the building was donated to the Fulton County Historical Society. Today there are sixteen rooms housing a permanent collection and changing exhibits.

The Blacksmith Shop, Log Cabin and Swan Creek Township Hall are open during the Fulton County Fair and other special events held at the Fairgrounds.

Currrently, a special exhibit, "Hell & Homefront: Civil War Through Fulton County Eyes" will be on display through 2015 for the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.


The Fulton County Historical Society uniquely provides to a diverse audience, access to experience Fulton County’s local cultural history through a research facility, programs, demonstrations, and exhibits at its various sites.

Artifacts Collections

pre-historic through 20th century local history (Fulton County, OH)

Research Collections

archival prints, engraving, letters, diaries, etc. related to citizens and places from Fulton County, OH.

Educational Programs

=Programing at site (encampments) and at our fairground sites (living history during Fulton County Fair). Public speaking educational programs are also available (off site).


Access: General Public

Appointment required: No


Quarterly newsletter which is sent to members and is available on line.