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The Daniel Hertzler House Museum is part of the Clark County Park District located in historic George Rogers Clark PArk about three miles west of Springfield on State Route 4.

The Hertzlers had ten children, but only three daughters survived their parents, and Hertlzer's son died at the age of 29 of Consumption leaving no male heirs. Hertzler died during a botched robbery by thieves who were aware he kept money in the house. Men were arrested but never tried for the crime as they escaped and were never found.

The Daniel Hertzler House Museum offer visitors a glimpse of Clark County's history through the eyes of an early entrepreneur. Hertzler was Mennonnite farmer who came to Ohio from Lancaster, PA. and amassed a large fortune through several mills, lending money, and farming over 1000 acres.His 1854 bank-style house is filled with antiques of the pre-Civil War era including many items that belonged to the Hertzler family. Two portraits, painted by renowned artist Jerome Uhl are featured in the house.


The house was built in 1854 as Hertzler was semi-retired. Hertzlers lived in the house until 1918. It was owned by several families and then became a state park. The state dropped the barn feeling it was unsafe, but left the foundation. In the fifties the park was ownedby the city of Springfield. In 1972 it offiically became paart of the Clark County Park District and the Hertzler House Advisory Commitee later became the keepers. Since 1976, thehouse has been restored so that visitors can appreciate the simplicity of the Mennonite religion, but also the pride Mr. Hertzler had earned for himself and his family.

In 2007, through a grant, the barn was reframed by the Timber Framers Guild using beams from the original Hertzler Barn and supplemented by beams from the a similar barn. Using the same technique of pegs, the barn is now restored, albeit unpainted, and the property looks much the same as it did in 1854.

Artifacts Collections

Donated and purchased antiques from th pre-Civil War period. Items restored to the house from the Hertzler family.

Educational Programs

=WE offer a Living History DAY Camp in the summer for 4th and 5th graders. They spend the day living the ways children did in the 1800's. They prepare and cook their dinner, plays games, work on crafts as well as leanr more about the Hertzler family. The cost per student is $25 which pays for all materials and includes a souvenir farmers hat for the boys and a bonnet for the girls.


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars

Appointment required: Yes


We have a brochure that is available at area hotels, chamber of commerce, Heritage Center and other sites around the county.


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