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Becoming A Member

As a member of the Society, there are certain special benefits depending on level of membership. These benefits include individual and family free admission to the Wolcott House Museum Complex, discounts at the Museum Gift Shop, discounts on special events, and a subscription to the publication Northwest Ohio Quarterly.

The Opportunities Members of the Society have many opportunities to get involved. The following are among the areas of interest: Wolcott House Museum Complex, Toledo's Attic, Special Events, Northwest Ohio History, Speakers Bureau, Volunteer Opportunities,Lectures, Local History Resources & Networking, and Education Programs


The roots of the Maumee Valley Historical Society goes back to 1864 with the formation of the Maumee Valley Pioneer Association. The founding members were early settlers of Northwest Ohio, who came together to protect and preserve the historic artifacts of the Maumee Valley as well as document information about themselves for future generations.

In 1918, the Society became known as the Historical Society of Northwest Ohio. The object of the Society was to: 1) Acquire books, printed papers, and manuscripts, 2) Encourage writing of books and papers, 3) Deliver lectures and addresses on subjects of history, 4) To collect and arrange objects of historical interest and provide for their preservation and exhibition, and 5) To provide a museum to house these collections.

The purpose of the Historical Society broadened in the late 1950's when it's dream of operating a museum became a reality. In 1957, Rilla Hull, the last direct descendent of James and Mary Wolcott, passed away and left her ancestral home to St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Maumee. The Church sold the estate to the City of Maumee, and is managed by the Maumee Valley Historical Society.

Artifacts Collections


Includes the following:

  • Wolcott House
  • Maumee Museum
  • School House
  • Church
  • Log Cabin
  • Frederick House
  • Flanigan House
  • Depot


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Our Museum Store is the perfect place to find unique gifts for the whole family. Come in and browse our variety of gifts for all ages. Including: Large selection of books on the area, Ohio Civil War history, the history of Ohio as well as historical maps. Stationery and Cards Children's Toys and Books Depression glass reproductions Jewelry, candles and soap by local artists and craftsman

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