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16486 Wapakoneta Rd
Grand Rapids, OH 43522
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16486 Wapakoneta Rd.
PO Box 246
Grand Rapids, OH 43522
phone: 419-290-0995
Open by appointment only, schedule a visit in advance at 419-290-0995.
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Martin Nagy, Executive Director


Seven Eagles is a Historical Education Center; the name EARTH Center (Art surrounded by Environment and History, i.e. E=environment + ART + H=history) is an effort to embody varied elements of educational opportunity at the Center.

We organize school field trips, tours and scouting activities where youth come into contact with authentic characters and re-live history of early Ohio.


Seven Eagles’ mission is to promote, preserve, and protect the early history, peoples and natural environment of northwest Ohio through educational programs, activities and events for people of all ages.


It was founded in 1983 by people interested in preserving history and creating an original Black Swamp educational center.

Artifacts Collections


  • 1800s Log House
  • The Trading Post museum/store
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Multipurpose hall - Marlow Hall
  • 1800s Inn Replica - Catfish Inn
  • 1800s Trappers Lodge
  • Native American longhouse replica

Educational Programs

  • In-school educational programs
  • Workshops
  • Art projects
  • Special demonstrations in the Blacksmith Shop
  • Reenactors Presentations
  • Scouting Events
  • Catch and Release Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Nature walks
  • Plant identification


Wheelchair Accessible




Get Involved & Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever your ability or special interest, we would like to get you involved in ACLEW through one or more of its venues, programs, services or special events. There is always more work to be done and never enough helping hands - human resources to get the work done. Additionally, donated financial, service, equipment and expendable resources are always in demand and welcome. We operate our three venues year-round and have a wide variety of seasonal activities and events to choose from. ACLEW partners often with the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development (GLC) and occasionally is in need of host families and drivers for guests visiting Toledo and the surrounding area.

Trading Post

The circa 1750 Trading Post replica serves as part living history museum with artifacts and part accoutrement and souvenir shop for reenactors and visitors. A fifteen-foot, Native American traditional hand-made birch bark single person canoe hangs from the ceiling for visitors to see, thanks to a donation from the family of Mr. Glen Torrence. Mr. Torrence was an avid scoutmaster and collector of Native American artifacts.

Gift Shop

Special Event Rental

Group Tours