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Padilla Bay is an estuary at the saltwater edge of the large delta of the Skagit River in the Salish Sea. It is about eight miles long (north to south) and three miles across. In 1980, this bay was selected to be included in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.

Estuaries 101 is a curriculum developed by the National Estuarine Reserve System that includes student activities, professional development and training in the use of data from the System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP).

On-line lesson plans have been developed to meet the needs of upper elementray students and teachers learning the skills outlined in the Washington State Learning Standards.

There is also a curriculum library at the Reserve with a collection of materials on related subjects. Materials in this library are available for on-site use only.

Join the Padilla Bay Foundation. Members are kept informed of opportunities to protect Padilla Bay and support the Reserve.

Stream Team involves citizen volunteers in laboratory and fieldwork. They collect water quality monitoring data to assess the health of several sources of fresh water to Skagit County estuaries.


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