Street Address
95 Lee Blvd
Richland, WA 99352
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1890
Richland, WA 99352
phone: 509-943-9000
fax: 509-943-1770
Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5.
$4 Adults; $3 seniors & students; under age 6 free. CREHST and ASTC Members free.
Museum Type(s)
Patricia Brown, Administrative Assistant
Ellen Low, Executive Director
phone: 509-943-9000
Connie Estep, Curator
phone: 509-943-9000


CREHST Museum tells the story of the Manhattan Project, Hanford, and the development of nuclear technology. It also describes the geology, history, habitat and culture of the Columbia Basin.


To provide an interactive, educational resource which demonstrates science and technology in action for children and adults while sharing the unique history and accomplishments of the Columbia Basin.


The CREHST Museum was founded in 1995 and had its roots in the Hanford Science Center that for nearly four decades was the guardian of the history of the Manhattan Project, the Cold War plutonium production years and the environmental clean up of Hanford that followed the end of the Cold War. The U.S. Department of Energy announced the decision to privatize the Center in December 1995. The Hanford Science Center began operation in 1962 and was originally located in the former Richland Community Center. In 1973 the Center relocated to the Federal Building. With help from community input and support, CREHST was able to expand the focus of the museum to include not only the guardianship of the history of the Hanford Site, but also the history and future of the science and technology of the Columbia Basin. In August 1997 CREHST opened its doors in its current location at 95 Lee Boulevard, Richland, Washington and was designated the official repository of the Hanford Collection.